Датчики тока

DER EE Electrical instrument is the professional manufacturer of Hall Effect sensor in Taiwan.

With features of high precision, and stable quality, DER EE Hall Effect sensors are now widely applied in industrial automation, testing, and measuring, power industry filed. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, DER EE designs and produces superior products of the highest standards of customers’ requirements.


For custom-designed, please feel free to contact us.

DHCT-B Датчики тока

модель : DHCT-B

DHCT-G Датчики тока

модель : DHCT-G

DHCT-M Датчики тока

модель : DHCT-M

DHCT-S Датчики тока

модель : DHCT-S

DHCT-H Датчики тока

модель : DHCT-H

DSHCT-85S Датчики тока

модель : DSHCT-85S